Monsoon destroys San Tan Valley man's barn

Rene Rodriguez pointed to the field a few hundred yards away from the home he lives in, where two hay barns once stood.

"There was two barns, now there's nothing," he said. "The wind came in South, it just blew away everything."

The barn's blown to pieces and the remnants are scattered on the other side of the canal.

"I think it was around 5, I was over here on the other side of the ranch with a coworker, it just hit, I started seeing hail coming down," Rodriguez said. "You see wind coming from one direction, then stuff relying."

The family took shelter inside and waited out the storm. Just down the street, another family was lucky to not be home.

The residents of that home told Fox 10 off camera they were in Tucson when the roof was blown off and it landed across the street.

"They came in, I have to say around 12; they've been working ever since," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez is just one of thousands of SRP customers who were left without power overnight. Rodriguez watched as crews came and went, fixing poles in his field and Rodriguez, himself, was eager to get out and make his own repairs.