Mother of victim in weekend double murder speaks out

GLENDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- The mother of a Glendale woman who was shot and killed along with her four-year-old daughter spoke on Thursday.

The suspect in the incident, Brandon Bautista Torres, is the woman's boyfriend.

Tina Martinez said her daughter, 23-year-old Selina Toyos, had a one-year-old son with the suspect, but the suspect is not the biological father of four-year-old Aleena Bermudez, who would have turned five on Monday.

Martinez said she never imagined tensions could escalate into a double murder.

"He robbed us," Martinez said. "He robbed us of everything."

Martinez says she can't bear to look Torres, a man she trusted until last Sunday night when Glendale Police say he shot Toyos and Aleena to death inside their home.

"My heart just dropped," said Martinez. "I mean, that's my baby. She never deserved anything like this."

Police said Torres didn't call 911 until three hours after the murders and provided multiple versions of how Toyos and Aleena were killed, claiming he fought with a homeless man who broke in with a gun before firing multiple shots.

Martinez said she doesn't believe the man she thought had been a good father.

"I'm just angry right now. I'm just so angry. I'm hurt. I wanna be there for him, but it's like, how can I [expletive deleted] be there for him when you just took my daughter's life and my granddaughter?" said Martinez.

According to court documents, Torres tried to clean up the blood and covered the victims' bodies with a sheet, and his one-year-old son witnessed it all, and was reportedly taken to his parent's house after the shooting. Now the baby boy is in DCS custody, separated from his family.

"People should appreciate the moments that they have like that. Never in my wildest dreams I'd think [this would happen to] me. Not my baby," said Martinez.