Nearly 30 chihuahua dogs found by Maricopa County constables serving eviction notice

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Maricopa County Constables officials said nearly 30 chihuahuas were found inside a home Thursday by constables serving an eviction notice.

According to a statement, two constables found the dogs at a home on the 4600 block of E. Almeria Road in Phoenix, near the end of State Route 143 and McDowell Road. The dogs were left behind by a tenant who was living there.

The dogs have not been taken in, because officials said they have no signs of being abused or neglected. The dogs have been given water and food, and the owner has 72 hours to get the dogs out of the house.

People living in the area are used to hearing the family of dogs.

"They make a little bit of noise, but not continuously," said Bill Sherry. "Once in a while, they're loud in the morning or in the evening."

A photo released by the Maricopa County Constables shows at least a portion of the home's interior.

"There's a lot of feces in the property. I wouldn't think it would be healthy for the dogs, but the dogs are in good condition right now and doing well," said Constable Carolyn Lane.

Lane said the new homeowners bought the property after it foreclosed, and needed the tenant evicted. She found an unopened bag of dog food and water left for the pets.

The Arizona Humane Society evaluated the situation, and officials said the air conditioning is on in one room.

"But there are some concerns that the electricity may be going out sometime soon, and then the situation will become very possibly dangerous for them," said Lane.

The dogs will be checked on daily until the 72-hour period is up. Meanwhile, neighbors said the dogs' owner has not been seen for more than a week, and he apparently faced financial troubles before leaving.