Neighbors of arson suspect voiced concerns before he allegedly set fire to 12 cars

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Police announced the arrest of 23-year-old Francis Klettke after they say he set fire to a carport, torching a dozen cars. His record uncovers a dangerous past that invites questioning as to why he was free in the first place. And now we learn that neighbors were concerned as well.

We spoke with a few neighbors, many of them had either their cars torched or their windows completely blown out because of this fire. What they have in common - they all wanted the leasing office about the van this man was living in.

Valerie Eskridge's 9-day-old car was torched along with 11 others at Park Lee Apartments on 16th St and Highland. She, along with other neighbors, says they called the leasing office plenty of times before this happened.

"They ignored our attempts to get the van out of here," Eskridge said. "I Called them twice a week for three weeks. [The] van is still sitting here- why hasn't it been removed?"

Complaints were left unanswered. Some neighbors who didn't want to go on camera even called the police - nothing was done.

"I think it's the leasing office, which has received numerous phone calls [and] residents going over there and saying, 'Hey, this is not supposed to be here - the van is not supposed to be there.' Someone is sleeping in this van - it's unsafe," one neighbor said.

According to neighbors, Klettke was living in his car - the same van they continuously warned the office about. Neighbors are upset he had been in trouble with the law before the blaze, accused of killing his father in 2015 and bailed out on a $200,000 bond. He was also in court for a shoplifting incident days before the fire.

We've reached out to the Park Lee Apartments and Dunlap and Magee Property Management for statements - we have not heard back.