New information surrounding deputy involved shooting in Fountain Hills released

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- New details on a deputy-involved shooting in Fountain Hills on January 7 have been released.

On Thursday, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office released a new video from the incident, where an 18-year-old man confronted a deputy with a knife. That man, Ismail Hamed, was later charged with making terroristic threats.

During a news conference Thursday, Sheriff Penzone did not answer too many questions from the media, but after a Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled this week that police and court records be made available to the media, Penzone allowed members of the media to hear the 911 call by Hamed, and also showed us the body cam footage.

In the video, taken outside a Sheriff's substation in Fountain Hills, Hamed was seen approaching the MCSO sergeant. The sergeant asks if Hamed lives in town, and then, Hamed was seen with his hands in his pockets before he starts throwing rocks at the sergeant. Hamed backs up before pulling out a knife, then advances at the deputy, who tells Hamed to put the knife down, or he will be shot. Hamed is heard saying "shoot me" seconds before the deputy opens fire. The sergeant fired, and Hamed was hit and fell to the ground before being arrested.

Hamed is accused of having ties to ISIS terrorists. He's currently behind bars and pleaded not guilty to terrorism and assault charges. The incident began with a 911 call. During the call, Hamed says he wanted to talk to authorities about the suffering in Palestine, and issues in the Middle East. On Thursday, Sheriff Penzone did not answer questions regarding the investigation, but addressed why he waited to release this evidence.

"If I were premature and released information relative to this or any other case to the detriment of our law enforcement operations or the possibility of prosecution, I can't undo that," said Sheriff Penzone.

On the 911 call, Hamed can be heard saying he wanted to protest what was happening to people in Palestine, admitting he had two rocks and a knife, but when Penzone was asked if Hamed had contact with ISIS or planned to carry out an attack, the sheriff declined to answer.