Nice try: DPS cites driver accused of passing off skeleton as a passenger while driving in the HOV lane

A driver in the Valley is now in some legal hot water after he tried to claim a skeleton as his passenger during the morning commute Thursday.

According to DPS officials, the driver was pulled over near the area of State Route 101 and Apache Boulevard, after he was seen driving in the HOV lane with a skeleton riding shotgun, complete with a camouflage hat.

DPS officials took a photo of "skeletor" and posted it on the department's social media page. The post even had the hashtags #NiceTry and #YoureNotHeMan.

(Photo Courtesy: Arizona Department of Public Safety)

The man was reportedly cited for an HOV violation, in addition to a window tint violation.

"Just know that if you're caught, you will be cited," said Martin Sotelo with DPS. "Points are going to be added to your license. It's just not worth it."