North Texas woman's dolled-up mugshot becomes viral sensation

A former Texas A&M-Commerce student who was arrested for marijuana possession didn't think many people would see her mugshot.

But thanks to Twitter's 'Mugshot Baes,' she's gone viral.

Marshala Perkins says she was on her way to a friend's house in February when she was stopped by police. When police searched her car, they found marijuana.

That night, Perkins said she was all dolled up because she was on Facebook Live giving makeup tips. She was in full makeup when she got arrested.

"It was the worst day of my life because that was just stupid of me," she said. "There I was in handcuffs with my beat face."

Perkins' mugshot was posted in April and retweets made it go viral. Hundreds of thousands of people liked it and have asked her for makeup tips.

Because of the viral fame, Perkins said a lot of positive has come out of her mugshot and has even gotten some new business opportunities since she's an aspiring makeup artist. Despite that, she does not recommend getting arrested.

"Jail is not a place that you want to be," she admitted. "If you can get big some other way, do it that way. But jail is not the way you want to go."