Olmost The Weekend: The "Wurst Festival Ever" takes place this weekend

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- It's called the "wurst" festival ever, and it's the perfect spot to hang out for those who love bratwursts.

"It's the worst time of the year, we figured to call it the Wurst Festival Ever. It's the worst temperatures," said Brad Moore, owner of Short Leash Hot Dogs.

Short Leash Hot Dogs is hosting their 4th annual Wurst Festival Ever on Saturday. The event, which takes place at the restaurant's parking lot, is all in honor of National Hot Dog Day, which was this past Wednesday.

"The great thing about a hot dog is technically, it's a sandwich," said Moore. "You got a protein and bread, and everything else is just fun. You can be creative with it and have a good time."

This year, there will be 12 food trucks taking part, all creating their own hot dog concoctions.

"We have Satay Hut, a kind of Dutch-Indonesian style food truck. I'm sure they are going to do something exotic," said Moore. "Just allows people to be creative and do something different than what they might normally do in their daily truck routines."

All trucks are also challenged to create vegetarian and vegan options. Short Leash itself will be open throughout the festival, so people have the option to order some of their favorite creations on the menu. People will also have the opportunity to come up with their own concoction, and submit their recipe into the festival's hot dog contest. The winner's creation will be featured this Saturday, and served all month long at Short Leash.