Operation No Need For Speed still underway in Phoenix

The "No Need To Speed" initiative by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) is still underway.

The 30-day crackdown was launched a few weeks ago. DPS officials described the operation as one of "zero tolerance", meaning anyone pulled over for speeding during this latest round of speeding crackdown will get a ticket.

For 10 years, Trooper Matt Villa has been with DPS. He has seen a lot on the roads

"I've had, sometimes, someone will blow right by me," said Villa. "I'm talking 140. Those bikes can go fast. Cars, the fastest I think it was 125."

Villa takes the initiative seriously.

"A lot of them, I'll say, 'I stopped you for your speed', and the first thing they'll say is, 'I'm sorry,' which is nice, but kind of a little late for that," said Villa.

Over the years, Villa has heard all of the excuses.

"They'll say, 'oh, I didn't know,' or 'I have to go to the bathroom,' or 'I'm late for work,'" said Villa. "They just basically planned poorly, and they try to make up the time on the road."

Villa believes the crackdown has been effective, even if no tickets are handed out.

"I want to let them know that they need to be aware of what they're doing," said Villa. "They need to know that their driving behavior is dangerous for them, and other people around."

During a ride-along with Villa Friday night, he was seen handing out two citations.

"Operation No Need For Speed" continues for another two weeks