Over 100 people arrested following third night of downtown Phoenix protests

Protesters marched throughout downtown Phoenix for the third night in a row on Saturday. 

A night that has mostly been peaceful eventually was declared an unlawful assembly by Phoenix police.

Police said Sunday morning that over 100 people were arrested for crime including rioting, unlawful assembly and aggravated assault of a police officer.

Protests continued until 3:30 A.M. Sunday morning, and some individuals in the protests committed arson, property damage and assult, police say.

Civil unrest vehicles were also towed.

On Thursday and Friday nights, protests started out peaceful but ended up in chaos, causing damage to multiple public and private buildings, and police vehicles. City of Phoenix leaders and officials asked the protesters to remain calm on their third night. 

Across the nation, protests have erupted, many of them turning unrestful and violent, especially clashing with police.

This uproar is due to the death of George Floyd, a man who died in Minneapolis after being detained by police on May 25. Former Minneapolis police officer, David Chauvin, was arrested for third-degree murder and manslaughter after he was caught on video pressing his knee into Floyd's neck.

Demonstrators started at the state capitol where they marched down Washington Avenue to Phoenix City Hall.

There, multiple people made speeches on microphones as the crowd cheered.

On previous nights, protesters ended up at Phoenix police headquarters where tensions boiled over. But on Saturday night, SkyFOX showed protesters marching north toward the I-10 on 7th Avenue.

Police were seen setting up blockades near the I-10 to discourage protesters from heading onto the interstate. 

Protesters stopped near Roosevelt and somewhat dispersed throughout the area. Most walked down 19th Avenue and then south on Grand Avenue, as seen from SkyFOX.

Meanwhile, other people stayed near Phoenix police headquarters where protesters and police in riot gear faced off near 6th Avenue and Adams Street.