Paris Travel? Travelers to Europe not shaken

It is a story that seems to be developing by the minute, new information on how the attacks in Paris were carried out and which cities ISIS may target next.

A city of lights, and love. Scottsdale travel agent Estelle Wilkinson has been sending honeymooners and families for decades. She's a French citizen and says terrorists cannot steal the city's magic, but she knows tourism will take a hit.

"Of course it's going to take a hit, some people are going to be scared," said Estelle Wilkinson.

Wilkinson books 7-8 honeymoon couple's trips to Paris a year. She and her family go often and were just there in June.

Three couples who will travel to the city of lights in January still intend to go, but she advises now more than ever for people to buy travel insurance.

"If the clients were booked in January and were afraid to go, they can cancel for any reason and get their money back, so that's a big thing to encourage clients to have," said Wilkinson.

AAA Travel says some members have called them about the Paris attacks and say they will still go.

"This is a sincere tragedy, but this is not going to stop true travelers from going and experiencing the world that they want to see," said Amy Moreno.

Wilkinson says the safety of her clients is the most important thing, and she gives them information so they can make up their own minds, but she does have her own opinions.

"Just go, there's no reason not to visit if you stop visiting all these national monuments and sites, the terrorists win," said Wilkinson.