PD: Man arrested for north Phoenix explosions detonated device at elementary school

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Police say the man suspected of detonating multiple bombs around Phoenix neighborhoods say he even went as far as to detonate one at an elementary school.

Police say Houston Willis, 44, was caught on surveillance camera at Sunrise Elementary School in November. A bomb went off in the playground around the same time, and a witness told police they saw Willis speeding away in his truck. There was no one on the playground at the time.

"I'm glad it looks like it's over for everyone else," said Adaiah Gooden, whose car was hit with an explosive.

An explosive went off under Adaiah Gooden's car in November. She was never able to confirm if Willis was responsible.

"I didn't hear about it I just moved on with my life, and then this morning they said they got the guy and I said "oh ok" *laughs* and that was it," said Gooden.

But Gooden says she's relieved he's off the streets.

"You never know about people, it's the least likely person you would suspect, could have been anyone in the neighborhood," said Gooden.

Police also say Houston Willis had heroin and meth on him when he was arrested. His home contained multiple weapons and a crossbow and there was an explosive found in his truck.

Willis had felony convictions from 1995 that included drug and weapons charges.