People gather to remember 2007 news helicopter crash that killed four people over Phoenix

On Thursday, people gathered in Phoenix to remember and share memories of those killed in a news helicopter crash that happened exactly 10 years ago.

On July 27, 2017, helicopter pilots Craig Smith and Scott Bowerbank, along with photojournalists Rick Krolak and Jim Cox, were killed as the helicopters they were in collided over Phoenix, and crashed into Steele Indian School Park.

The helicopters were covering a police chase for television stations KTVK and KNXV at the time. The NTSB would later determine that both pilots were at fault for the crash.

Loved ones who attended the memorial event on Thursday called it inspiring.

"To be able to see all these people here, in memory of him and the three other men is really beautiful," said Jim Cox's niece, Natalie Bussey.

Others, like Krolak's son, Colton, are using the support of others to help get through.

"Having great support around, and having this many people here, sharing and remembering, really helps you through it," said Colton.