Persistent baby giraffe learns to walk after a few tumbles

A baby giraffe was determined to walk for the first time.

The calf, which has yet to be named, was born on Tuesday at The Wilds, a conservation center in Ohio. The non-profit park shared video on its Facebook page, showing the very young giraffe take his first steps.

It wasn't without a few stumbles and falls. He was surrounded by his older counterparts, as he shakenly tried to stand a couple of times. It wasn't long before he stood on his own. Then took those first few steps.

"Welcoming a giraffe calf to our herd is always an incredibly exciting time for our team," said The Wilds Vice President Dr. Jan Ramer in a statement. "Not only is this birth a milestone here at The Wilds, but it also gives us great hope and a foothold to sustain declining populations of this species in their native ranges."

Giraffes are considered to be a "vulnerable" species, mostly due to poaching and their habitats being destroyed. Calves are born after about 15 months of pregnancy, and within a few hours of birth, can usually stand and run on their own.

Wildlife officials tell FOX 13 he appears to be healthy, and may be spotted by visitors during a safari tour, but the calf and his mom will be closely monitored by The Wilds staff members.