Philadelphia student never missed a day of school from kindergarten to 12th grade

One teen who recently graduated from high school never missed a day of school from Pre-K to 12th grade. That's 2,340 days of school. He thought that would be the best way to succeed and reach his goals.

Lila Corgan, a teacher at Mastery Charter, stumbled into the knowledge of a huge accomplishment from one of her students.

It was graduation day for Mastery Charter School's Pickett Campus, and one student was being recognized for doing something never done in the school's history and rarely if ever done in the city's history. It was so unique that the Principal of the school, Margaux Munnelly, acknowledged it during the ceremony.

"This young man has never missed a day of school. And I'm not just talking high school, from Pre-K to 12th grade," she said.

Meeting the soft spoken Kevin Davis his response to such a major accomplishment isn't surprising. Coming to school every day for 14 years to him is just what he was supposed to do.

"I see my parents everyday go to work every day when they don't feel good or when they're in pain so I figured why don't I do the same and go to school," said Davis.

Even in the midst of injury, Davis always put school first.

"Last year football season I tore my right ligament, dislocated my shoulder went to hospital and went to school the next day."

Kevin's goal is to open a restaurant named for his Grandmom Oma.

"Its gonna be called Oma Goodness in honor of my grandmom who passed away in 2010," he said.

He plans to attend culinary school but with all of his goals and perfect attendance there wasn't much financial assistance for someone on Kevin's career path, so Davis' teacher decided to try to help through go fund me.

"As its been rising, I've been checking the amount and Kevin's been checking the amount and we've been texting each other like, 'Yo its up to 6 thousand,'" she said.

It seems the perfect attendance that Kevin downplays is so impressive to so many that they want to donate and send the message that that type of focus should be recognized. And for his part Kevin is surprised but incredibly appreciative.

"I'm excited and I appreciate everyone that did donate and help me, I appreciate that and their money isn't gonna be wasted," he said.

It looks like Kevin may very well reach the 25 thousand that he needs to fully fund his program. All because he quietly did the right thing and people wanted Kevin and others to know that that type of commitment deserves support for goodness sake.