Phoenix apartment fire that killed woman and her dog now claims the life of her boyfriend

Earlier in January, a fire that tore through a Phoenix apartment killed a woman and her dog, in addition to badly injuring the woman's boyfriend.

On Wednesday, FOX 10 has learned that the woman's boyfriend is also dead as a result of the fire.

"He made me smile a lot," said Thomas Leonor, about his son Timmy.

Thomas had to make the worst decision that any parent would have to make: pulling the plug on his son.

"No parent should have to do that, but the only reason I did it is because me and him would talk, and he told me one day, Dad, if it ever comes to the point where I have to be put on ventilators and everything else, don't. I don't want it," said Thomas.

Thomas Leonor

22-year-old Timmy and his girlfriend, Heather Williams, were badly hurt in a fire at an apartment complex near 67th Avenue and Northern eight days ago.

"The only thing I remember about that night was the policeman coming to the door and asking if I have a son named Timmy Leonor," said Thomas.

Williams died that day, but Timmy tried to hold on as long as he could.

"There was a point that he was improving," said Thomas. "There was a point where everything was going good, but then it all turned around."

On Wednesday morning, Timmy couldn’t hold on any longer.

"This is a parent's worst nightmare. I'm sorry but it is. No parent should ever have to go through burying his own kid," said Thomas.