Phoenix company offers pet care services to those who need it

Help has arrived for parents who need a paw up! A new service called Cult Dog Pet Concierge is hoping to make it easier to care for our four-legged friends.

The idea for the business began with Wilson. His owner is the founder of Cult Dog.

"He was a catalyst in starting this company because I needed someone to help me with his insulin injections," said founder Valerie Coleman. "When you have a diabatic pet, your life stops. You have to be at your house at the exact same time and do the exact same thing every single day.

"He was going through a lot of problems and issues, he wasn't getting better, and I really needed a support system that I didn't have," Coleman continued.

That's why Valerie Coleman came up with a support system for other pet parents.

"You can go on Yelpe and try to find...a pet sitter of dog walker, and you're going to have over 263 results come back," Coleman said. "They're a dime a dozen in the Phoenix area, but we wanted to create something that the people wanted."

What she created is what she calls a one-stop shop.

"If you're a flight attendant, send us your monthly flight schedule and we want you to know that we are going to be there when you are going to be gone," said Coleman. "We come in your house, we take care of your pet - when you come back, your pet is as happy as when he left."

Coleman says services can be tailored to every pet's needs.

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