Phoenix electrician makes special Oregano's delivery

Phoenix resident Garrett Crosby is a fifth-generation electrician who made a surprise stop by his girlfriend's grandmother's upper-level apartment - in his bucket truck.

"First I was going to say hi to grandma and give her a kiss off the bucket truck into the balcony, but the food thing was wonderful," said Crosby.

For the contactless delivery, Crosby picked up fresh from his favorite spot - Oregano's.

"She said, 'Hey, can you bring us Oregano's? We can't leave, please,' [and] I was in the middle of my work shift," Crosby said, "I came over here in between calls."

As far as the romance goes, Crosby says the delivery has scored some major brownie points with his girlfriend.

"A lot of love going into this, absolutely! A lot of love."