Phoenix flight school offers pilot training as airlines face shortages

As more Americans are getting vaccinated, the travel industry in the United States is seeing a big jump in demand. 

Many major airlines are now announcing that they are looking to hire more pilots, and one Valley flight school says that if you're ever thought of becoming a pilot, this could be the perfect time to enroll in flying lessons.

"Pilots coming out now are well-positioned," says Josh Klien, the director of training at ATP Flight School in Phoenix.

ATP is the largest flight training center in the country with more than 50 locations throughout the United States. Now that the travel industry is starting to rebound, airline are anticipating pilot shortages.

"There was a pilot shortage before the pandemic hit," said Klein. "It was less acute during the pandemic as flying slowed down, but it's going to be more realized when we come out of the pandemic because of early retirement while the airlines were slower."

The process of becoming a pilot can be completed in as few as two years.

"[You start as a] private pilot, work towards a commercial certificate after that, and then we recommend getting a certified flight instructor certificate as well," Klein said. "They will build their hours to reach hiring minimums for the airlines."

Klein says the hard work and dedication makes for a great career in the end.

"The airlines continue to raise pay, and they want to get those highly qualified pilots - and it's well worth it," he said.

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