Phoenix must vote again on fee increase for rideshare services at Sky Harbor due to administrative error

The Phoenix City Council will have to vote again on whether or not to approve a fee increase for rideshare services at Sky Harbor International Airport. 

Last week, council members voted 7-2 to approve new fees for ground transportation operators, including Uber and Lyft.

Now, the council will have to vote again due to an administrative error. 

According to city spokesperson Julie Waters, a portion of the agenda did not get posted to the city website 60 days in advance, which is required by state law. The item involved the Aviation's proposed rate increase for ground transportation companies. The error was discovered 36 hours before the vote. 

The city confirmed that the rate increases have since been formally posted on the website, and the next step is for councilmembers to consider them again at the meeting scheduled for December 18.

All other procedures were followed correctly. 

Lyft did release a statement following the news of another vote.