Phoenix non-profit seeking donations, volunteers to help children who have been abused

A Phoenix child advocacy center is in need of volunteers and donations.

The Childhelp Arizona Center, a non-profit organization, is geared toward providing children with counseling after they have been abused.

"They are able to stay as long as needed in one place and the services come to them," said Dr. Shefali Gandhi, Director of Clinical Services.

Any time there is abuse or a crime against a child, and a report is made to law enforcement, the child is brought to the center for investigation, interviews and any medical-assistance they may need.

"On a monthly basis in Maricopa County, this center alone sees between 500 and 600 families," Dr. Gandhi said.

And they say the number of cases is increasing because more people are reporting and Maricopa County is growing at a fast rate. To accomodate the numbers, counselors are always on site and they have designed the space to be comfortable and kid-friendly.

"What keeps us coming back everyday is the kids," Dr. Gandhi said.

They say they are always in need of volunteers and also donations. Often times, they need clothes for the children coming in.

"I remember one time, a child asked what this was on a T-shirt we gave them, and it was a tag. They had never seen a price tag on clothing becasue they had something new," Dr. Gandhi said.

Counselors say they want to provide these services to the children because this is what will change their lives.o

To volunteer or donate, visit Childhelp's Phoenix chapter here.