Phoenix nurse claims they are asked to re-use protective gear during coronavirus pandemic

A concerned nurse in Arizona spoke with FOX 10 on Thursday, saying the facility she works at is not stocked with supplies, most importantly masks.

The nurse wished to remain anonymous. For the purpose of this report, FOX 10 will refer to the nurse as "Sarah."

Sarah claims Allegiant Healthcare of Phoenix is not supplying staff with new masks or gowns. She claims she had none on Sunday and Monday, the two days she worked at the facility this week.

"When I came on Sunday, we didn’t have any masks. No masks of any kind and no isolation gowns," said Sarah. "I have a patient who has strep throat. I have another patient that has fungal lung infection, and then I have another one that has MRSA in her sputum, and then there’s no masks at all."

As concerns of COVID-19 being a widespread virus in Arizona continue, Sarah says nurses have been told to keep the same mask in a ziplock bag.

The gowns, meanwhile, aren't even real.

"We have to use large trash bags and put three holes through it and use that trash bag as an isolation gown," said Sarah.

Sarah says gloves are available, but it's unknown when a shipment of new personal protective equipment will come in. She's already called Gov. Ducey’s office.

Meanwhile, Sarah says shes worried about her health, as well as the health of her patients who are on ventilators.

"We've become their family, but they’re not being protected," said Sarah.

Officials with Allegiant Healthcare have issued a statement, which reads:

"At this time Allegiant healthcare is able to provide all PPE as indicated to our staff. We are doing so in strict adherence to the CDC and AzDHS guidelines. We could not be more proud of our team for the care they continue to provide to our residents."

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