Phoenix PD releases body camera video, 911 calls in deadly domestic violence case

New body camera video and 911 calls released by the Phoenix Police Department reveals the tense moments surrounding a deadly domestic violence incident.

It was a tragedy in north Phoenix nearly two weeks ago that ended with officers shooting and killing the suspect.

Warning: Graphic content

We're learning more about what transpired after a mother and her son were found critically injured inside their home.

A family of four was destroyed by domestic violence as police say the father wanted to take his life. His neighbors called 911 to get help immediately, but it was too late.

His young daughter is the only one alive today.

On the night of Oct. 25, a resident living near Interstate 17 and Jomax Road called 911, saying his neighbor, 53-year-old Paul Sarver, wanted to borrow his gun.

"And I think he's gonna hurt himself. I don't know about the other two in the house."

Sarver had brought his 11-year-old daughter Audrey to their neighbor's home.

Neighbor: "She's confused and scared and freaking out in my house. She thinks he killed somebody."

Then Sarver calls 911, telling the dispatcher that police needed to come to his house, saying "What's going on is really bad."

Dispatcher: "Is anything physical? Or just a verbal argument? Who is that?"

Sarver: ".. it's physical."

Sarver did not provide much more information.

Dispatcher: "Who needs medical attention?"

Sarver: "..people that are here."

Two officers arrived at the home and body camera video shows a man, later identified as Sarver, walk toward them in the street, claiming he has a gun, pointing at the officers.

Both officers fired several shots.

"Stay down!" was heard on the video.

Ultimately, Sarver didn't have a gun. Police found a black eyeglass case next to him as he died at the scene.

Inside the home, investigators found 46-year-old Shannon Hursh and her 13-year-old son Caden in extremely critical condition. Hursh died at the hospital. Caden died just days later from his injuries.

Loved ones of Shannon Hursh continue to raise money for her family, specifically her daughter, who is now without parents and her brother.

Fundraiser for Shannon Hursh's family:

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