Phoenix photographer's image featured in Apple ad campaign for iPhone 6

An image taken by a Phoenix photographer is featured in an Apple ad campaign, called Shot on iPhone 6.

Andrew Pielage was in the McDowell Mountains last fall near Taliesin West, where he had just finished a photo shoot. As he was coming back down, he snapped an image at sunset. The scenic shot of the Arizona desert shows Saguaros and other cacti, under the glow of the setting sun.

Pielage posted the photo on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

It then got the attention of Apple Inc.

It's among dozens of photos taken with the iPhone 6 camera. The images are featured in outdoor and print ads across the globe.

So far, Pielage says his photo has been seen on billboards around the world, including in New York City, Syndey, Dubai, New Delhi, Oakland, San Francisco and Paris.

Shot on iPhone 6
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