Phoenix Rescue Mission launches initiative to help prevent heat-related deaths

Workers and volunteers from the Phoenix Rescue Mission have launched Code Red, a summer heat relief campaign to help prevent heat related deaths and illnesses among the valley's most vulnerable populations including homeless, working poor, elderly and shut-ins.

"So many different kinds of people. Mentally handicapped people, people who are just down on their luck, even people who are homeless and choose to be," said Catie Hammann with Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Hammann and her partner are armed with water bottles, hygiene kits and other essentials as they visit dozens of people a day.

"Every situation is different and you just have to approach it as such. You can only prepare so much. You can only have so much stuff with you that you hand out, but you just always have to be listening to what God is telling you and what the person is telling you. They'll tell you a lot," Hammann said.

The mission has partnered with the cities of Phoenix, Glendale and Peoria to help those in need. Since Code Red started six years ago, the program has raised 1.7 million bottles of water.

Anyone wishing to donate water can drop it off at the Phoenix Rescue Mission. You can also donate online on their website.