Phoenix school places tardy board in front of school to cut down on number of late students

Accountability and punctuality are a couple of key expectations of the students at Palm Lane Elementary in Phoenix.

"It's a really fun time of year here at school, so they want to be here on time as well," said Stephanie Ward, principal at Palm Lane Elementary School.

In an effort to bring tardy rates down, parents and students can now see the number of students who were late to school as soon as they arrive on campus by looking at the tardy board Principal Ward places right outside the front office each week.

"Last week, we had 332 tardies and this week we have gone down to 297, so it's like can we bring it down?" Ward asked.

Attendance may not always be perfect, Ward says, but the tardy board has helped to make getting to school on time all fun and games for both students and staff.

"It's a fun game. It's not only a competition with the school for getting here on time, but the kids now talk to their peers about getting here on time," Ward said. "Come to school on time. We want to be in class on time."

While teaching them a valuable life lesson, early on, that will help in the future.

"It's teaching them to be responsible and that it's important that their only job right now is to be a student," Ward said.