Phoenix Suns share healthy living message with Valley students

More than 200 students from kindergarten through third grade got an out-of-the-ordinary start to their school day.

"We let them know that they had a special surprise but didn't tell them what it is," Principal Clare Okyere said.

The Phoenix Suns and Arizona Central Credit Union hosted their "Get Fit" assembly at Whittier Elementary. Suns broadcaster Tom Leander led the way, along with former player Stephen Hunter promoted kids' healthy living habits, like being active and even having financial security.

"Kids need to learn how to save money and watch their finances at an early age and hopefully today we can accomplish that," Hunter said.

It's about making those important lessons fun for these kids to learn, with a special appearance from the Gorilla to get kids hyped up.

It's a program they bring to schools twice a year. First it was Chandler's Frye Elementary in February, and today it's Whittier.

It's all capped off with song and dance from the Suns Solar Squad and is another way to make learning fun and prepare kids for a successful life at a young age.

Arizona Central Credit Union