Phoenix visitor loses wedding ring, band at Sky Harbor. Have you seen them?

A Phoenix visitor is frantically searching for two very important pieces of jewelry: her wedding band and wedding ring.

Both were lost at Sky Harbor International Airport. They're not only valuable, but of course, they're meaningful.

Missing items at airports go way beyond lost luggage.

From cell phones to sunglasses, more than 50 items a day end up in the lost and found at Sky Harbor.

Cathy Hadam's flight landed on the morning of July 2. Her first stop after arriving was the ladies' room near Gate C 11.

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"I took my rings off because I didn’t want soap or makeup on my rings, but I was really trying to hurry 'cause I have my son just outside the bathroom," Hadam said.

Less than an hour later, she was waiting for her husband on a different flight when she realized the rings were gone. Her stomach dropped.

"That that sudden rush of ‘Oh my God, what is happening here?’" she recalled.

With fingers crossed, Hadam asked an employee to check the restroom. She was now past the security checkpoint.

She looked in the lost and found. Filed a police report. Created a TikTok video.

Hadam is carrying on by keeping positive, but she goes home Thursday and hopes not empty-handed.

"What you put out, you get back in the world and if you’re positive, and you believe in people, people do return the favor," she said.

Sky Harbor officials say they have one of the best lost and found return rates in the nation.

So, there’s still hope this missing ring mystery will come full circle.

If you happen to know anything about this, you can contact Hadam on her TikTok account here