Pinal Sheriff warns visitors to be armed

When the Morrison's head out into the desert around their home in Pinal County, they often pack water, sometimes a picnic, but they always pack heat. Dan has his .45, Cindy prefers a smaller gun.

"Nice little piece, it's a .380, it'll stop or at least slow them down," said Cindy Morrison.

The Morrison's 5 acre property is fenced with signs, but they say you have to be prepared for anything out here. Last year Cindy encountered 4 men at her gate who spoke very little english.

"They could have said lets shoot her, shoot the dog, and ransack the home. Or they just wanted water and went on their way," said Cindy.

The couple said they don't think Sheriff Paul Babeu is exaggerating or playing politics when he advises visitors in the Western part of Pinal County, to come armed in case they run into illegal activity.

"No he's not overreacting, they're here for everyone, we see so many more that get by," said Morrison.

The couple says 5 years ago the area was very active with illegal activity. They would see hundreds of backpacks and water jugs strewn through the desert. Now not so much, but they remain alert for any signs of trouble.

"It's peaceful, it's nice, you just have to be cautious. That's all I can say, you don't know one day you might run into the bad guy," said Cindy.