Pinellas Co. Animal Services warns of human hair dye dangers

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Pinellas County Animal Services is sounding the alarm for pet owners who may be tempted to use human hair dye on their furry friends.

In a Tuesday night Facebook post, PCAS revealed what can happen if those toxic dyes are used on dogs.

About three months ago, a Maltese-mix was brought to the PCAS emergency clinic as an injured stray. Someone had used purple hair dye intended for humans to turn the white pup bright violet.

PCAS says the 5-pound dog's eyes were swollen shut, she was lethargic, and her skin was visibly burned.

After a few days of intensive treatments, the team decided to shave off the purple fur to further assess the damage, but as they worked, the little dog's skin began to peel off.

Although the tiny pooch, now named Violet, was under anesthesia at the time, the staff realized her wounds and healing would be much more difficult than they could have imagined.

However, with months of treatments - from antibiotics to honey treatments - Violet began to regain her strength and her sassy attitude.

Luckily, Violet did not seem to suffer any long-term injuries from the incident. She has been adopted by a loving family.

In its Facebook post, PCAS said human hair dyes can cause burns and blindness to pets. And because an animal's instinct is to lick for grooming and healing purposes, they can be poisoned by these substances, as well.