Police believe body of missing Julie Concialdi found

Phoenix police believe they've found the body of Julie Concialdi, a 59-year-old woman who went missing on Sept. 4.

A tip led investigators to an open desert area near 56th Street and Deer Valley Road.

At 3 p.m. on Oct. 1, detectives located a body which they believe is Julie.

FOX 10's Justin Lum spoke with a woman, who does not want to be identified, who witnessed police take over a deserted area in north Phoenix.

"It's isolated, it's desolated, so it would be an ideal place."

She took photos, showing the investigation unfold. She says detectives honed in one spot.

"It was in a depression in front of that facility."

The woman says she is sad for Julie and her family, but she's also unnerved. 

"It was a little creepy that it happened so close. That someone felt that bold and audacious to do something that close to where all these people live."

Police believe they've found the body of missing Julie Concialdi.

Police believe they've found the body of missing Julie Concialdi.

Concialdi was last seen at her home in the area of 27th Avenue and Dove Valley Road around 7 p.m. on Sept. 4, according to a Sept. 8 news release from Phoenix Police officials.

Phoenix Police officials have said that there are "indicators of foul play" in the case, and on Sept. 15, officials called Concialdi a victim of homicide.

Concialdi's husband, 57-year-old Joseph Concialdi, was arrested for first-degree murder. He appeared in court on Sept. 16.

A grand jury indictment filed against him shows two additional counts - one for concealment of a dead body and one for arson of a structure.

Joseph Concialdi

According to police, Joseph reported Concialdi missing on Sept. 6.

Two days before calling police, surveillance video taken in North Phoenix captured audio of an explosion. Her pickup truck was found in flames on Sept. 4 about eight miles away from her home.

FOX 10 has also obtained a photo of the truck on fire.

(Photo Courtesy: Boyd Bottomlee)

Court documents say Joseph initially lied about his whereabouts on Labor Day weekend after he called in the missing person report.

Married for 30 years, Julie suspected her husband of cheating on her, according to court docs.

Joseph allegedly said divorce would be financially damaging and that the couple shared $100,000.

Police say Concialdi was caught on camera walking away from the industrial area at around 11:05 p.m. on Sept. 4. Two hours earlier, surveillance footage placed him at a Fry's store.

Joseph allegedly told police a heated argument with Concialdi led him go to the grocery store before taking a camping trip in Payson.

On Sept. 8, police served a search warrant at the Concialdi home.

Investigators say they found a crime scene, with the amount of blood evidence suggesting significant injury. The couple's house cleaner showed up the same day.

The medical examiner will identify the body and determine a cause of death.

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