Police continue search for Clayton County serial rapist

Police and Sheriff's deputies in Clayton County are increasing patrols tonight.

They're searching for a serial rapist who has already struck at least five times.

Police said the women were raped in the following areas: Chaselake Drive, Roberts Drive, Southlake Cove Court, Brookview Drive, and Wynfield Drive.

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Authorities say all five cases have been linked through DNA evidence.

Last month, Clayton County Police releases a sketch of the suspect after two of the victims were able to give authorities enough details to compose the sketch.

In addition to stepping up patrols, police are urging residents to keep their doors and windows locked.

Authorities say the predator seems to target black women in townhomes and apartment buildings.

Detectives are actively investigation a sixth attempted rape that happened last week, but they say so far it has not been linked to the previous cases.