Police officers break car window to save dog as father checks on daughter in ICU

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Police in Phoenix had to break the window of a car at a hospital parking garage to get to a dog that was inside.

"They broke the window just before I got here," said the dog owner, identified only as "Mike". "They hadn't opened the car. I opened it for them, but they broke the window."

Mike and the dog, Louie, came to Phoenix from Utah. Mike said he rushed to the hospital to see his daughter in ICU, but said he didn't hear the intercom announcements to come back for his dog until police were involved.

Police officers told Mike it had been 45 minutes.

"We drove all night," said Mike. "We didn't know what to do with the car, so I left the dog in the car out of the sun."

Mike admits he messed up, not realizing how hot it would be, but said he thought leaving the dog with water, in the shade, would be okay for a while. Now with Louie safe and sound, Mike is ready to take his medicine by paying a fine.

"It's understandable. I get it, but I put my daughter's life over my dog. I'm sorry," said Mike.

That fine could take a big bite out of mike's wallet, as a Class 1 misdemeanor can reach $2,500.

As for Mike's daughter, her condition, as well as the reasons behind her hospitalization, are unknown.