Police release photo of possible Troup County kidnapping suspect's vehicle

Deputies with the Troup County Sheriff's Office are on the lookout for a man who may have tried to kidnap a young child. Deputies release a photo Wednesday of a car they believe was involved.

Police said the possible attempted kidnapping happened on Sunday evening in the area of Reed Road.

As a young girl was crossing the road, officials say a small four-door car drove up. A man, who was wearing what could have been a wig, go out of the car and tried to grab the girl's leg, investigators said.

"A male suspect, wearing a wig. He attempted the grab the child around the legs. She screamed and got back in the car and drove off and left the area," said Sgt. Stewart Smith, Troup County Sheriff's Office.

The girl got away and screamed, bring relatives to her aid. They told deputies that the man said that he was coming back for the girl as he left. The man was later seen in a fire department parking lot on the road.

Deputies said the man was driving a small, white, four-door car of an unknown model. His car might have been seen at the abandoned firehouse on Reed Road.

The man was described as white with "older-looking skin" with either brown hair down to his ears or wearing a brown wig. Deputies believe he may have been trying to portray himself as a woman.

The incident has many residents in the area concerned. Normally busy summer hotspots, like a playground at a nearby park, were empty.

"Wouldn't even let them come out at all yesterday. Just so upset about it," said resident Robin Cole.

Deputies said the man told the kids that he'd be back. Cole said that would be a mistake.

"He better not come back. No, he better not come back to this neighborhood," said Cole.

School starts in Troup County on Thursday and kids will be at the bus stops all over the county adding to parents' concerns. Deputies are hoping they have a suspect in custody before that.

Officials are asking anyone with information about the car around Reed Road to please call the Troup County Sheriff's Office at (706) 883-1616 or Crime Stoppers at (706) 812-1000.