Police: Woman left dog in hot car in front of Gwinnett County Jail

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It was a shocking discovery at an unlikely place which landed a Norcross woman behind bars in Gwinnett County.

Deputy Shannon Volkodav said 'Rambo,' a Rottweiler, was found dead in a car in the jail parking lot.

"In the very far corner back towards the end of the parking lot," said Deputy Volkodav.

She said the heartbreaking discovery came when the dog's owner, 46-year-old Connie Gomez, remembered she'd left him in her car.

Volkodav said Gomez was in a court proceeding for a loved one in the jail and mentioned it to one of the deputies.

"While she was in the courtroom she made mention of the fact that she had a dog that she loved very much, in fact 'my dog is in my car," said Deputy Volkodav.

Deputy Volkadov said there was an empty water bowl in Gomez's sedan, which had the windows only slightly cracked.

She said Gomez arrived at the jail around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon and returned to her car with the deputy around five hours later because court proceedings had backed up. By that time Rambo was gone.

"There's no question that this dog was left in the car far too long and it caused his death. She was arrested on the scene and she was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals," said Deputy Volkodav.

According to jail records, Connie Gomez lives at an extended motel in Norcross where some residents told FOX 5 News residents can have a pet.

"Why take it to the jail. Why leave it in your car. Why didn't you just leave it in your room? That doesn't make sense," said Kenyatta Bridges, one of the residents.

Rambo's parking lot death has been tough on many at the jail where with Sheriff Butch Conway's blessing the facility has Operation 2nd Chance which matches canines with inmates and helps place dogs and cats in loving homes.

"It is a tragic irony that this occurred in our parking lot. It was very upsetting for anyone who was there including our staff," said Deputy Volkodav.

Gomez was being held Thursday on a bond of more than $16,000.

Deputy Volkodav said Gomez is scheduled to make her first court appearance Friday morning.