Poll shows Arizonans may not fully support pot legalization

For many 4/20 is a day to celebrate marijuana, and those hoping to legalize the drug in Arizona have some results from a recent poll.

The poll released by the Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy says if the initiative were voted on today, 43% would vote yes to legalize the drug, and 49% would vote no, 8% were undecided.

County Attorney Bill Montgomery would be a definite no in that vote. He's a vocal opponent of the legalization of marijuana in Arizona.

"The cost to our community has been in far greater numbers than any benefits we receive from tax revenues," said Bill Montgomery.

Meanwhile at the Natural Selections Dispensary in Scottsdale there is a party atmosphere celebrating 4/20. The owner J.P. Holyoak also heads up the campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol.

"What we are trying to do is take a criminal black market and bring that into a tax and regulated structure with the benefits benefiting education and health care rather than enriching criminal drug dealers," said JP Holyoak.

Holyoak was skeptical of the poll, he says it's the first he has seen that shows Arizonans are not in support of legalization.

Montgomery says it's a sign that public sentiment is shifting away from legalization for Arizona.

Voters will decide the measure in November if supporters manage to get enough signatures in time.