Pulse victim's Snapchat video caught gunfire in club

A Bay Area victim of the Orlando shooting massacre shared her final moments inside Pulse nightclub through a chilling video.

Amanda Alvear, 25, was out with her best friend, 26-year old Mercedez Flores. Both of the young women are from Davenport.

A Snapchat video taken by Amanda starts out showing a packed dance floor at Pulse. A second post shows more of their fun night. But in a third post, Amanda captured the horror unfolding before her. FOX 13 is choosing not to show the final clip, but you can hear gunshots ringing around her.

Amanda's brother saw the video post before he ever knew if she was one of the survivors.

"It leaves so much to the imagination. What happens next? Where did she go?" he said. "You're trying to prepare for the worst but maintain a certain level of optimism for everyone. It's hard because you feel hopeless but you're trying to hold on to hope."

Amanda received one last phone call after the post -- a friend who managed to escape reached out to see if she was still inside.

"She answered the phone. She said 'I'm hiding in the bathroom. I'm hiding in the bathroom.' Then he heard shots and the phone went dead," Brian said.

Amanda and Mercedez were both shot and killed as they hid from the gunfire.

This is the second loss for Amanda's family. Her little brother died from cancer when he was just 11 years old.

Despite the unimaginable tragedy, Brian Alvear says her spirit is keeping them strong.

"She would want us to keep loving and not hate and not try and make this about something more than it was: Just one crazy man," he added.

Amanda had hopes of attending nursing school soon.