Puppies rescued from burning house in Glendale; 'heroic efforts' captured on bodycam

Firefighters say no one was injured when a fire broke out during the early-morning hours of April 4 at a home in Glendale, and several puppies, their mom and two other dogs were saved.

According to the Glendale Fire Department, a person called 911 just before 1:30 a.m. after seeing smoke coming from their neighbor's garage near 63rd Avenue and Maryland. The neighbor also said there were several dogs inside the home, including puppies in the garage.

Crews arriving at the scene found a fire in the attic that had burned through the roof. Firefighters went inside the home to extinguish the flames and rescued seven puppies and their mom from the garage.

"Once the garage door was open, the mother of the pups ran out as our officers ran inside to the sounds of squealing puppies. The officers managed to locate seven puppies and used a nearby dog bowl to safely remove the puppies from the burning home. Once the puppies were out, officers managed to wrangle up the mother dog and reunite her with her pups at a neighbor’s home," said Jose Santiago, spokesperson for the city of Glendale.

FIDO bags were used at the scene to treat the puppies before they were taken to a local veterinarian for evaluation. One of the puppies did not survive.

Two adult dogs were also rescued from the backyard of the home.

The house sustained significant damage and as a result, three people will be displaced. Glendale Fire is investigating the cause of the fire.

With the rescue comes a warning from the city.

"The Glendale Fire Department recognizes the heroic efforts made by these Glendale police officers but want to stress to the public that re-entering a burning or smoke-filled home is dangerous and can lead to serious injury or even death. This is not recommended for the general public, but instead should be left to public safety professionals to do so in a safe manner."

Dr. Enrico Carluen is treating the puppies at Arizona Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Center.

"Just seeing that footage for the first time, I would never have expected any of those animals to make it," Carluen said. "I do expect them to continue to do well and make it out of the hospital."

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Puppies rescued from a Glendale house fire on April 4. Photo courtesy of the Glendale Fire Department

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