Queen Creek woman accused of posting naked pictures of ex-boyfriend at Chandler elementary school

CHANDLER, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Court documents show a Queen Creek woman has been charged, in connection with an incident where naked pictures of a man were put up at an elementary school in Chandler.

According to the documents, Deborah Britton, 55, is being charged with felony distribution of nudity and misdemeanor harassment by communication charges. The incident took place in September, when it was reported that fliers featuring the picture of a man standing in the nude were put up at Hull Elementary School in Chandler. Police later contacted the man, who was not identified in the documents, who said the only person he sent the picture to was Britton.

Britton, according to court documents, who was arrested on an unrelated warrant on November 14. She denied posting the photos during a police interview, but lab tests later found Britton's fingerprints on one of the fliers. Britton turned herself in to Chandler Police on December 18.

A judge reportedly did not issue an ankle monitor for Britton, because as a nuclear medicine technologist who provides cancer treatment for patients, she works with electronic equipment for her work.