Replicas of famous Vatican City artwork on display in Downtown Phoenix

A new exhibit in Downtown Phoenix features a replica of some of the most famous artwork in the world.

Tiles recreating Michelangelo's frescoes in the Sistine Chapel are going on display at the Croft, for a three-month exhibition. At the exhibition, visitors will be transported to the Vatican City without actually leaving Phoenix, and get an up-close look at the artwork. 

"Michaelangelo, 500 years ago, painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. 33 frescoes that are big, as you can see. A lot of people don’t realize because they are 60 feet up high, and then, he also did the Last Judgment, which is behind me," said Martin Biallas, CEO of See Global Entertainment.

The Sistine Chapel exhibition was created five years ago, and it has since been touring all over the world. Biallas says it was time to bring the exhibit to Phoenix, and give visitors the opportunity to "escape" to the Vatican City. 

"Of course, they aren’t the originals, but they are probably as close as you can get," said Biallas. "This is from a perspective like no Pope as ever seen."

Unlike visiting the actual Sistine Chapel in Rome, visitors here are able to go at their own pace. 

"We got a beautiful music, got a great audio track that you download the app on your phone, and then it identifies the fresco automatically and it plays the appropriate audio track, telling you what his thoughts were, what it means, little secrets that he put into every painting," said Biallas.

General admission is $18, and the exhibition, located at 22 E. Buchanan Street, runs through Feb. 14.