Residents frustrated after spending over 24 hours without water

Imagine going over 24 hours without any water to your house. That is exactly what happened this weekend to some residents of a subdivision in the East Valley, just north of Florence.

The residents who live in the Magma Ranch area in the far East Valley say they have dealt with a lot of water issues in the past, but they said this past weekend was especially hard -- some folks even going over 24 hours without any water at all.

"It didn't mater which faucet I used, water pressure was nil," said one man.

Dozens of residents in this subdivision wanted to share their story. They're all customers of Johnson Utilities, and they say the utility company hasn't been forthcoming with information.

"We just want water," said one woman. "We want to bathe, we want to drink, we want to live, it's not too hard. But you can be sure they'll send you those disconnect notices in a heartbeat. We call, we jam the lines and nobody gives."

Residents say they're beyond frustrated -- and won't stop calling until they get answers. Meanwhile, FOX 10 has reached out to Johnson Utilities for comment.