Residents in Phoenix neighborhood on edge following recent burglaries, shooting

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- People living in Phoenix's Garfield neighborhood are on edge, following a recent rash of break-ins, and a robbery that led to a deadly double shooting.

People in the Downtown Phoenix neighborhood say there's a problem going on, with at least six burglaries and an armed robbery reported over the weekend.

"We've definitely had a series of break-ins that sound like some young thugs trying to break windows, get in, get PlayStation and toys like that, anything they can pawn," said Dana Johnson with the Garfield Neighborhood Organization. He expects more people to talk about crime at the monthly revitalization and safety meeting, set to be held on Tuesday. Johnson, however, says it could be a lot worse.

"20 years ago we had a series of gangs where it was not safe to walk in this neighborhood," said Johnson. "Now, I see people walking their dogs all the time. There's so much more population on our sidewalks today than there was 20 years ago that there is no comparison."

For Gypse Konecki, who has lived in the neighborhood for almost a decade, October has been a tough month. She was friends with David Bessent and Zac Walter. The two, who worked at Jobot's Coffee and Bar, were shot and killed in early October. Recently, there was an attempted burglary at her home. Nothing, however, was stolen.

"I'm pretty sure the dog scared them off. I don't even think they got inside," said Konecki.

Johnson said one way to tackle the crime is to, in a way, love thy neighbor.

"Neighbors should look out for themselves," said Johnson. "Keep an eye on their neighbors and take care of each other. That's the best way to take care of and build your neighborhood."

Officials with Phoenix Police say there doesn't appear to be an actual uptick of crime in the area, but they are asking neighbors to watch out, and report any information on possible suspects to them, or to Silent Witness.

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