Roosevelt Row recognized; named top 15 place in USA

A pretty big honor for one of the Phoenix's hottest neighborhoods. The American Planning Association names Roosevelt Row as one of the 15 greatest places on the "Great Places in America" list.

Desoto Market is one of the businesses that make up Roosevelt Row. FOX 10 spoke with customers and asked them about why the area deserves the title they were awarded. "I think it's the vibe, it's definitely the vibe. There's an authenticity here that has not been replicated anywhere else in the valley," said a customer.

The market itself was a car dealership in 1928; it was in disrepair and in 2012 they worked to rehabilitate the area.

Tea and Toast is another business in the district. "Customers say it's all about the vibe, and it's all about local ownership. What the people really like and appreciate is something different, being creative and thinking outside the box," said Allison Devane.

APA chooses places that represent the gold standard in terms of having a true sense of place, cultural and historical interest, community involvement, and a vision for the future.