Search continues for assailant who punched NoDa bartender in the face

Last month, FOX 46 Charlotte broke the horrifying story of a female bartender who was punched in the face by a man who didn't want to pay $2.50 for his beer.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are still looking for that man.

Their mistake? It took nine days for the police report about what happened to hit the system. That was enough time for the suspect, Brian Snider, to disappear.

The man police are looking for has a lengthy criminal history including two charges of assault on a female.

"He said f**k you bitch and punched me in the face," Ashley Bacon told FOX 46.

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Bacon was punched in the face by a customer, identified as Snider, at the Dog Bar in NoDa after he refused to pay for his beer.

"I want to be the one to put Snider away. He doesn't deserve to be walking around free as a bird, and I want to do something about it," Bacon said.

She thought that would happen. But, she had no idea the officer on scene never filed the case report. Snider got out of the hospital and disappeared despite two outstanding warrants.

"He definitely dropped the ball on this," Bacon said.

FOX 46 Charlotte pushed for results for Bacon. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police admits mistakes were made.

"Well, that's our total responsibility, and we are responsible for that not happening. Right now, that incident is being addressed internally," Captain Torri Tellis with CMPD said.

Captain Tellis has personally reached out to Bacon. She has pressed charges but says she won't feel better until the man who attacked her pays for what he did.

"Yes and no, yes because I feel I have the cops on my side, but no because he's still free," she said.

The department has stepped up patrols where she lives and works. As for Brian Snider, police are still looking for him. Anyone with information on Snider's whereabouts is asked to call CMPD Crime Stoppers at (704) 334-1600.