See why countless jellyfish are invading Israeli sea

From afar, it looks like white dots scattered across the water, but up close, those are actually jellyfish— too many of them to count. 

The stunning video near Haifa Bay, Israel was released by the Nature and Parks Authority.

Authorities said on Twitter that human activity contributed to the multiplication of jellyfish including climate change, pollution, dumping waste into the sea and harming predators of jellyfish such as sea turtles.

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According to Reuters, the jellyfish are posing a nuisance by keeping swimmers away and clogging desalination plants and industrial fishing nets.

"The water gets hotter and hotter and we can see more and more jellyfish," Guy Lavian, a marine ranger with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, told Reuters. "They cause real damage here. You can definitely say that global warming contributes to these massive swarms."

According to National Geographic Kids, jellyfish can sting humans and the wound can be painful and sometimes dangerous. However, jellyfish don't purposely attack humans as most stings occur when people accidentally touch a jellyfish.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.