Sheriff posts creative video to prevent animal deaths

The Sheriff's Office in Brevard County, Florida has released a creative Facebook video to alert people to the dangers of leaving your pets inside a hot car.

It starts off with Sheriff Wayne Ivey driving around with his favorite bloodhound, "Junny," who works for the Sheriff's Office. It takes a twist when the two make a stop, and "Junny" runs some errands and leaves the sheriff in the car.

"Even when we were filming for purposes for the video, you realize how quickly the temperature increases in a car," Sheriff Ivey said.

The sheriff said he did a role reversal to make a point: it's summer, and it can get hot inside your car quickly. In twenty minutes, the temperature can climb 40 degrees.

"We wanted to make it as realistic as possible, so we had the engine off, the team is filming me through the windows, and you start sweating pretty quick, and you start feeling stuffy and you can't get air," Sheriff Ivey said.

Eventually, the sheriff pretends to pass out, and though he said he's not much of an actor, he believes the humor of the role reversal helps make the message more effective.

"That's a true example of how social media, when used property, is not only a force multiplier, because we have 600,000 citizens who are partnering with us to protect this place."