Skydiver rescued in Eloy after parachute gets tangled in power lines

A skydiver had to be rescued near Eloy after his parachute cords became tangled in power lines on Thursday.

The incident happened near 11 Mile Corner Road and Acoma - about 3.5 miles from skydiving center Skydive Arizona.

A photo shared by the Eloy Fire District showed the man suspended just above the ground while his parachute was wrapped around a line.

Fire District Battalion Chief talks about rescue effort

On Feb. 17, we learned new details surrounding the incident.

"When we arrived on scene, we had a visual of the person stuck in the power lines," said Eloy Fire District Battalion Chief A.J. Sauceda. "He was tangled up pretty good."

According to Sauceda, it was unclear if the skydiver was conscious before fire crews arrived at the scene. Things changed, however, when crews got there.

"He was actually able to talk to our first responders, and that was a little bit of a sigh of relief." said Sauceda. "He was in pain and discomfort, but he was actually going to be OK."

According to Sauceda, the fire district, as well as Eloy Police and the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, responded to the incident. After the power company shut off power to the line, crews worked quickly to get the skydiver untangled, in the safest way possible.

"When we have a heavy load that's bringing tension down on that line, we have to make sure that we elevate the patient back up so that way we can safely get him untangled from that situation, and we don't have that power line coming down and striking anyone that's trying to get him untangled," said Sauceda.

The skydiver reportedly suffered burns on his foot and leg, and was treated and transported as soon he was untangled, and on the ground.

"It looked like when we came down, that power line touched him in a few different areas and actually gave him some third-degree burns," said Sauceda. "He was just very relieved to be out of that very dangerous situation. He was very concerned, obviously, about his injuries."

The skydiver is expected to be OK.

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Eloy firefighters help rescue a skydiver whose parachute became tangled in power lines on Thursday.

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