Gift ideas that support small businesses

These small businesses have some BIG ideas when it comes to gift giving.

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Cherry Cordials


Calling them cordials seems insufficient because what they are is delicious works of art. The Cordial Cherry specializes in whimsical handmade chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered cherries, and candy gifts. But it’s the hand-decorated finish which will leave them speechless. All of the decorations are edible. The Cordial Cherry ships anywhere in the USA and Canada with new designs are created every month. | Buy It



Don’t get your sheets in a wad!  You’ve been there, the trapped pillowcases in the fitted sheet, the burrito of bedsheets not getting dry- Wad Free has changed the laws of laundry. Their easy-to-use device prevents sheets and duvets from wadding so that means no more trapped clothes and endless dryer cycles trying to finish drying what got tangled. It also means saving money! | Buy It

Lumineaux Natural Teeth System


Step aside oral care… this is MORAL care. That’s because the Lumineux system says goodbye to bleaches, dyes, alcohol and even peroxide to bring you a natural way to care for your teeth and gums. We particularly liked the tooth whitening system that’s sensitivity free and the natural ingredients like coconut oil, lemon peel oil, sage oil and dead sea salt.  | Buy It

Alie + Bess


'Tis the season of color! This stack is a modern holiday statement for those who love vibrant style. You can wear it all together or break it down into small stacks for endless options. Wrapped to perfection by Joy Creative Shop, we know this is the perfect gift for the color lovers in your life.  | Buy It

Suckit Jerky and Pickles


"Be Smart, Be Safe and Don’t Suck" is their company motto and their jerky and pickles certainly don’t!  What started out as a stand at a local farmers market in 2019 turned into a commercial kitchen and storefront by 2021 offering more than 30 products- each one chemical, preservative, and food coloring free- in other works "Food that Doesn’t Suck!" | Buy It

Augusta Training Shop Snowflakes


I hate to be biased but this may be my most favorite small business of the year. The Augusta Training Shop employs adults with any kind of disability or special needs and allows them to work a full-time job and take home a paycheck. These handmade wooden snowflake ornaments are one of the outstanding pieces created by the artisans. Like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike and can take up to five people to create. One person will weave the snowflake, someone will be in charge of tagging, others will organize shipping, and so on.  ATS is a nonprofit and receives no federal funding. | Buy It

Mabels Labels


Find something in your day which annoys you and fix it- because it probably annoys someone else too. That’s the philosophy of company founder Julie Cole. The "recovering lawyer" could not find machine washable, microwavable, dishwasher safe, waterproof personalized labels for her kids so she created a company which makes them.  From tags to stick-ons you will never reach for a Sharpie again. | Buy It

Puffer Hug


Say hello to Puffer Hug, where cozy and style hug it out, and where every product is a warm embrace waiting to be shared. This small company has big dreams: to connect the world - one HUG at a time. Lightweight, quilted and designed with deep pockets for essentials, Puffer Hug products are a the most versatile scarf you’ll ever own. | Buy It

The Jelly Queen 


A worldwide award winner, organic jelly from The Jelly Queens is a must!  This small business made it big time after the owner was on the cooking competition show Master Chef. Today her collection of flavor profiles represents generations of culinary traditions.  From tart to tangy, savory to sweet give yourself the royal treatment by making these jellies your holiday jam! | Buy It

Paint Chip Art by Jennifer Lashbrook


Jennifer Lashbrook is a Dallas-based artist that creates her work from upcycled paint swatches.  When viewed from a distance or through a cell phone the work becomes clear, a modern version of pointillism or impressionism.  Her website features a catalogue of different subject matter, or she will create a custom piece. Select from an original made from paint chip samples or reproductions on paper, mounted on panel (ready to hang without framing) or even with a hand embellished texture.  Starting at $40 for her paper prints, and $150 for panel prints. Give the gift of art this holiday season. | Buy It