Snakes seeking shade could mean nasty surprise for Valley residents

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Rattlesnakes are known to come out of hiding with the warmer weather, but once it gets too warm, they might be seeking some shade, and that means you may find one on your porch.

Between now and the monsoon, you really want to pay attention on where you are putting your hand on, especially if you're grabbing a package, because you don't know what can pop up.

"This is a pretty typical situation that we get during the hotter months of the year," said Bryan Hughes with Rattlesnake Solutions. "A place where we see that a lot with people and where they run into that is their front doorstep. They're usually pretty well shaded, and there's a lot of little things that they can use for cover."

Little things, such as potted plants, water deliveries, and even the delivery box you may have been waiting for. There are also other places for snakes to hide, such as AC and pool pump equipment areas, garages, and anywhere with a shade.

"These are all place snakes hide behind to stay cool," said Hughes.

For neighborhoods that are developed near the desert, it could mean more rattlesnake pops up.

"People tend to think that the hotter the better for snakes, but I don't actually know. They actually die if it's too especially during the hotter times," said Hughes.

Hughes said people should make sure they look to make sure there are no snakes around. Snakes don't tend to be aggressive, and they will alert you if you're getting a little bit too close.

If you see a snake, do not try to get rid of the snake on your own. You are asked to call a professional.