'Snow Week' at Arizona Science Center

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - The temperatures are dropping in the Valley and it's the perfect time for the kids to have some fun and learn about the snow.

"You lay down on the snow and move your arms," one child said.

From snow angels to snowballs, it's hands-on at the Arizona Science Center.

"I can't roll the snowballs to make a bigger snow ball like in the movies," a child said.

"Snow Week" is an opportunity for kids to have fun and experiment.

"The snow we have is made from ice... it's a company called Ice Now that brings out ice chips and brings it out and that's what snow is little tiny ice crystals, so we have a chance to talk about that structure when we go inside," Sari Custer said. "We have more activities all about ice, snow, cold weather and everything in between."

One-hundred tons of snow will be brought in over the next several days -- a winter wonderland for curious kids who rarely get to see snow.

"We don't get snow in Arizona," one child said.

"Snow Week" at the Arizona Science Center continues through the new year.

Snow Week
Through Jan. 1
Arizona Science Center
600 E. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004